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DHS PACTS III Pricing Accelerator

DHS PACTS III Pricing Accelerator

DHS PACTS III Pricing Accelerator

DHS PACTS III Pricing Accelerator

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This accelerator contains all the material you need to build an accurate Volume III Pricing package for DHS PACTS III. In this product you'll find the following files:

  • Pricing Accelerator READ-ME
  • LCATs Salary Surveys
  • Fringe and FBLR workbook.xlsx

Our Objective with this accelerator is to give you all the information you need to confidently complete Volume III. Our salary surveys have been meticulously curated from multiple databases (government and commercial) to provide you with a true representative look at the market.

We have also discovered some errors in the Government's supplied data which we point out in our documentation.


The following video trailer will give you an overview of the product and how to use it.

We also include proposal documents for your reference:

  • Attachment_4_BLS_Standard_Occupational_Classifications.pdf
  • Attachment_8_DHS_Labor_Category_Pricing.xlsx
  • Attachment_3_Contractor_Labor_Category_Pricing.xlsx
  • SF 1449 FC1 RFP_70SBUR24R00000001.pdf
  • SF 1449 FC2_RFP_70SBUR24R00000002.pdf
  • SF 1449 FC3_RFP_70SBUR24R00000003.pdf

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