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Curated Market Intelligence (CMI)

Conquering the Data Flood

In the dynamic landscape of Government Contracting (GovCon), the sheer volume of data can be staggering. With new opportunities emerging daily across various NAICS codes and procurement portals (such as GovWin, SAM, eBuy, CHESS, APHS, etc.), understanding each opportunity within the broader context of government spending, incumbent contracts, recompetes, sole source awards, IDIQ spending, and more becomes a complex task.

To compound matters, managing multiple customer and partner points of contact (POCs) further complicates the scenario. Gathering, organizing, and comprehending the attachments and influences of these POCs on procurements in the pipeline demand meticulous attention.

In essence, the challenge lies in sorting through this massive volume of data, a task often overlooked or only performed sporadically…due to its overwhelming nature.

Overcoming Resource Constraints

Resource limitations pose a common hurdle for most Government Contractors. Building a Business Development (BD) team often involves a combination of Senior Capture Managers and Proposal Managers. However, creating a dedicated Market Intelligence group is a luxury only a few companies can afford.

In such scenarios, pipeline management and market intelligence research end up being shouldered by Senior Managers or Senior Consultants, at significant expense. The added challenge arises from the steep training curve required for new employees to grasp the intricacies of Government Contracting.

Even if hiring a new college graduate as a BD Associate is feasible, the question looms: Is there sufficient time and training resources to mold them into productive GovCon market intelligence professionals within a span of two years?

Breaking Knowledge Constraints

The unique challenge of growing a GovCon services firm involves mastering diverse aspects of the Federal Government market, encompassing databases, taxonomies, regulations, bureaucracies, and market dynamics. These elements often lack a direct connection or relevance to the private sector.

While hiring a single consultant is a practical solution, overcoming their natural limitations in time and expertise is crucial. The questions arise: Is it cost-effective to rely solely on an individual with 20+ years of experience, especially when their rates might exceed $150+/hour? Are there skilled external resources available at a more reasonable cost?

Structuring a service or consulting engagement becomes essential, one that delivers a balanced mix of systems, data, knowledge, answers, and insight beyond the capabilities of a single senior consultant.

Enhancing Investment Visibility

Each item in the corporate pipeline necessitates activity, demanding investment and funding. Detailed market insight becomes the cornerstone for smart and effective Bid & Proposal (B&P) investments. It's not merely about selecting deals based on NAICS, date, customer, and set-aside type; numerous key questions must be answered:

  • Who is the incumbent, and what is their contract history?
  • Which companies are potential teaming partners?
  • Who are the expected bidders, and what's the strategy to outpace them?
  • Who holds a dominant position in the agency, and are they likely to bid?

Answering these questions prior to investing in B&P dollars is essential, emphasizing the need for consistent visibility across the entire pipeline to ensure preparedness for success.

Address Your GovCon Business Development Challenges
  • Data Flood: Simplify data management. Effortlessly navigate vast amounts of data, with no more overwhelming sorting and organizing.
  • Resource Constraints: Overcome resource limitations by efficiently manage pipeline and market research data without dedicating excessive time or resources.
  • Knowledge Constraints: Access scalable knowledge. Gain insights from experienced resources to transform bid opportunities into revenue, without the need for extensive training.
  • Investment Visibility: Enhance investment visibility. Obtain detailed market insight to make informed and effective Bid & Proposal (B&P) investments.
  • Scalability: Achieve scalability effortlessly. Adapt to changing market conditions and requirements with a scalable Market Intelligence Solution.