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OASIS+ Teaming Reports

OASIS+ Teaming Reports

OASIS+ Teaming Reports

OASIS+ Teaming Reports

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Teaming Resources

We have two excellent resources to support your teaming efforts; both will be briefly presented at the end of the seminar.

1. OASIS+ Contract Teaming Report. We have added all NAICS and PSC codes to our FedPipeline database, to create a teaming reports that lists companies with relevant contracts for each of the eight (8) domains. Use this report to identify partners who have enough relevant contracts to support your proposal.

This report shows you the SB and OTSB vendors who have OASIS+ relevant contracts BY DOMAIN, giving you the information you need to build winning teams and maximize your points on the scoring sheets.

2. OASIS Task Order Report. We have pulled ALL OASIS task orders, put them in an Excel report and designed custom pivot tables to allow you to analyze OASIS spending by Agency, NAICS, set-aside type, pool and more. Use this report to build your pipelines, support your B&P spend requests and prepare to target new business within your customer groups.

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