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Key Takeaways from last week’s $7B ITSSS-2 IDIQ Industry Day

ITSSS-2 Overview

Sometime in the summer of 2023, the FBI will release the solicitation for the Information Technology Supplies and Support Services 2nd Generation (ITSSS-2) BPA. There will be two solicitations: one will be set-aside for small businesses and the other will be unrestricted.  

The first ITSSS BPA was awarded in October 2010 and ultimately expired in October 2018. There were ultimately 46 awardees, with about one-third of them being small businesses. Note, however, that the solicitation was unrestricted (i.e. no set-aside), and the ceiling value was $30B. Each STOR (Task Order) was released to 10 of the Primes, where the customer selected five and the contracting shop selected five. In addition, there were DTORs, which were directed task orders.  

Timeline & Scope

The current ITSSS-2 solicitation is expected in late-June 2023, with an award tentatively set for December 2023. A Top-Secret Facility Clearance is required at the time of quote submission for the Prime and all subcontractors. The ceiling value is estimated at $7B, and the contracts will be awarded under NAICS 541519. Small business will be required to certify at the time of submission and again at award. For teaming, GSA CTAs, JVs, and traditional Prime/sub relationships are all acceptable and encouraged.

The scope of ITSSS-2 is to provide IT Support Services to the FBI and other DOJ components. The primary work areas that constitute the technical scope of the solicitation are:

  • Workplace Solutions/Services
  • Business Applications Solutions/Services
  • Delivery Solutions/Services
  • Platform Solutions/Services
  • Infrastructure Solutions/Services
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Other IT Solutions/Services

The bidding teams are expected to demonstrate experience and competencies in each of these areas through corporate experience and past performances.  

The procurement will be competed in Phases, and includes a self-scoring worksheet that must be completed and submitted in Phase III.

The procurement Phases are:

  • Phase I – General Information, Security, and LCAT Crosswalk
  • Phase II – Corporate Experience Certification (maximum of 19 examples)
  • Phase III – Corporate Experience Elements (contract details for the Phase II examples)
  • Phase IV – Price

Items of Note

The LCAT Crosswalk is not insignificant. There are a total of 123 LCATS provided with the solicitation that must be cross walked to your GSA Schedule. Mapping 110 of the 123 will get a “High Confidence” score.  Anything less than that will probably not receive an award.

The FBI specifically cites work locations of Washington DC, Quantico VA, Huntsville AL, Clarksburg WV, and Pocatello ID as the primary locations for work under ITSSS-2.

In the scoring of Phase II, additional points are awarded for having experience in any of these locations.

Additional points are also given for experience in working with one or more Law Enforcement (LE) or Intelligence Community (IC) customers.

For the work areas listed above, there are a total of 23 sub-categories spread among them. Small businesses must demonstrate in Phase II that they have experience in 60% of these sub-categories.  Large businesses must demonstrate 75%.

Only one Emerging Technology and only one Other IT Solution examples are permitted.

Phase I is pass/fail; ratings for Phase II, III, and IV are High, Medium, and Low Confidence and only a score of High Confidence in each Phase will automatically move forward; vendors with Low Confidence score will be advised NOT to move forward; vendors with Medium Confidence score will be encouraged to move forward, but have only 2 business days in which to decide to do so.

Price Volume will be evaluated as complete and reasonable. Once this assessment is completed, there will be Best Value Trade-Off decisions for the final awardees.

While we believe ITSSS-2 is not for everyone, it will be hotly contested and will take substantial preparation and teaming in order to secure an award, regardless of company size. Teaming will be critical, especially in the SB competition. It is never too early to start your preparation.

How We Can Help

rTurner Consulting has significant experience in assisting our clients in competing for large Fed Gov IDIQs such as POLARIS, OASIS+ and PACTS III. While each large IDIQ/GWAC has its own “personality and flavor,” they also have similarities, and ITSSS-2 is no exception.

rTurner Consulting is comprised of GovCon experts experienced at getting after large IDIQs like FBI’s ITSSS-2. We do this by delivering a variety of expert-based consulting, training and data products and services:

  • Assist to fully prepare you and your team for a proposal submission as Prime offeror in the large Unrestricted group, or small Restricted group. This includes capture support up to and until release of the Final RFP by the Government.
  • Capture the right teammates to maximize capabilities, requirements, per Sections L and M of the DRFP and then later the Final RFP.
  • Facilitate and negotiate teaming agreements for new teammates, as necessary. Assist in capturing all required documentation such as NDAs and TA, in coordination with company leadership and company contracting personnel.
  • Assist in pre-proposal preparation, including scheduling, arranging, and facilitating Team solution meetings.
  • Keep your company updated on the solicitation events/changes/amendments and their implications on your team.
  • Schedule, conduct or attend other meetings and tasks as requested in support your company and team during proposal.
  • Post-Final RFP, continue to assist in BD/Capture efforts and assist the Company as needed in proposal preparation until bid submission.

About the Author

Joe DiPrinzio is a Principal Consultant for rTurner Consulting leading client engagements to capture new business in the FBI and Law Enforcement communities. He is a career entrepreneur and business developer  with a track record of new business wins in these markets (including ITSSS) and a significant network of contacts and relationships within both Government and industry.

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