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How to Choose A Good Consultant

How do you choose a BD/Capture/Proposal consultant that will produce the results you’re looking for? What background and experience should they have? What’s important and what’s just nice to have? In this piece, we’ll consider a few recommendations.

  1. Look beyond the resume. In other words, don’t always fixate on the individual’s Agency background and deal experience. Did they win your bid last time? Will they bring their existing biases regarding this customer and contract to your bid? Are they too narrowly focused in a particular segment? Consultants with both broad and deep GovCon experience can add exceptional value to your organization.
  2. Ask probing questions. When you’re talking to prospective consultants, setup scenarios and ask them to talk you through their solutions. Where have they done similar work and achieved successful outcomes? Hire consultants that are both industry experts and exceptional problem solvers.
  3. How big is their network? You’re looking for consultants that have experience working similar procurements supplemented by a comprehensive understanding of Government procurement. But everyone reaches the end of their own knowledge store. Good industry consultants know what they know and have a network to supplement their direct experience. Hire consultants with a strong network to find answers from. 
  4. Are they a team player? Winning GovCon vendors know that we win and lose as a team. Everyone plays their part and when we all play it well and support each other, our chances of winning increase. Hire consultants that are team players and team builders and have a process to get to the winning solution.
  5. Will they tell you the truth? Are consultants who always say yes, giving you their best advice? Does it appear they are more interested in their timesheet than your bottom line? Is integrity and winning important to them? Hire consultants with enough experience, and maturity to tell you the truth in hard situations. 

Wishing you great success in 2022.

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