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How To Building Winning Teams

We all team. Some of us more than others. Small Business, Large Business, Prime, Subcontracting. Because of the nature of our own business and the complexity of most Government requirements, we need the support of our GovCon industry friends to win contracts. 

So, how should you think about teaming? Let’s talk about it the partners you want and the type of partner you can be. 

  1. Start with who you know. We all do business with people and firms we know and trust - that is Commerce 101. But do your friends have the capabilities and past performance you need to win the work? Can they bring tangible assets to your capture that increase your competitiveness? How are you measuring this? Score your teammates using quantifiable metrics that help you measure competitiveness on each bid and removes some of the temptation toward favoritism.
  2. The numbers don’t lie. Ask your subcontractors to supply their best relevant past performance and always verify the numbers with FPDS and source other contracts from multiple partners to build the best team. Credibility and customer insight are derived from and demonstrated by relevant agency past performance. 
  3. Who do they know? Subcontractors add value to a team and help the prime win by bringing strategic relationships with agency influencers and decision makers. Source subcontractors who know your customer. 
  4. What can they write? Everyone needs technical experts and proposal writers. How much better is it when they are the same person? Compelling proposals need technical solutions from experts who know the customer. Partners who know their customers and can write technical volumes will help you win by accelerating the development of compelling, compliant content. 
  5. Do they know the Price to Win? Whether it is FFP, T&M, LPTA or Best Value, price is always a significant evaluation factor in complex proposals. Can your teaming partner bring salary, labor category and wrap rate intelligence to your proposal? Pricing is a critical win factor. Make sure your partner can add value to your team with pricing knowledge and insight.

Be the type of partner you want to hire. 

Cultivate customer relationships, technical expertise and pricing knowledge on every contract.

…and watch your business grow!

Wishing you great success in 2022.

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