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Winning BD Strategies & Techniques

Winning BD Strategies & Techniques

GovCon BD Training from the Experts

In this recorded training series, Robert Turner hosts Kathy Lentz of Federal Insights who leverages 30 years of successful GovCon sales and business development experience to give you the insight, knowledge and techniques you and your team need to win competitive bids in the federal government marketplace.



Using LinkedIn to Increase PWin% Choosing Federal Agency Targets
Building a Federal Account Plan Gathering Opportunity Intelligence
Winning Pipelines Breaking Into a Federal Agency
Teaming and Partnering Beating an Incumbent
Effective Color Teams Influencing the RFP
Federal Marketing Collateral

These webinars will help you create and improve your processes to win business in the federal government. These practitioner processes have been developed by Kathy Lentz, Federal Insights, and Robert Turner, rTurner Consulting and other senior executives after selling to the federal government for over 40 years across most federal agencies including Defense. What make them so unique is that the speakers practice these processes daily with their clients to help them increase their win probability.

You will hear their practitioner stories and get the secrets for how to succeed refined over many years and redefined as the federal government changes how they buy. Even if you have been doing these processes for years, it is always good to refresh your training and learn what others know after serving 100s of companies over the years.

Training Sessions can be purchased individually or as a complete series for 30% off.

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