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FedPipeline Reports

FedPipeline Reports

In this collection, you'll find 18 Federal Procurement Reports; One for each Executive Branch Department (15) and Military Service branch (3) that will help you understand how your federal customers utilize small business set-asides to put work on contract -- across ALL NAICS codes. 

Each Department Report can be purchased individually. 20% discounts are offered for the purchase of 5 or more. The entire collection can be purchased for a 33% discount (click here).

These reports provide market intelligence using the intersection of NAICS, CAGE codes, Contract Numbers and Solicitation data to give customers unique insights into the market context they are competing in.

We encourage you to explore the video introduction links below to see live examples of the data we're providing and how you can use the reports to accelerate your captures, understand unique market context and find new contracts to win inside your target agencies.





PIVOT TABLE OVERVIEW (video 6.5 min)

PIVOT TABLE EXAMPLE (video 5.5 min)

Contract Opportunity Reports
  • Easy to use Excel reports with pivot tables to answer multitudes of questions; no advanced training needed.
  • Data sheets listing large AND small business set-aside contracts reported in FPDS by Department and Agency. ALL Contracts; ALL NAICS
  • Links to USAspending.gov and beta.sam.gov to help you perform additional research
  • Monthly webinars held providing advanced demonstrations and live Q&A
  • Excel Data sheets updated monthly with automatic distribution to customers
  • Custom pivot table to give users easy access to the data and information they need to qualify in close new contracts and answer dozens of market research questions
  • Ability to identify contracts held by vendors who are no longer small businesses or participants in the 8(a) program
  • Complete access to all reported simplified acquisition contracts across all in NAICS codes

    Market Questions We Can Answer
    1. Which vendors have expiring contracts by agency or office?
    2. Which small business or 8A contracts are held by vendors who are no longer qualified to rebid?
    3. Which vehicles or contract types do agencies prefer or use regularly?
    4. Which customers use simplified acquisition procedures to buy the products or services you sell
    5. Which customers or agencies are the best targets for your GSA schedule?
    6. In your target customer base, when do the qualified contracts expire?
    7. Which major GWACs or IDIQs do your customers use regularly?
    8. How many target contracts received less than five bids?
    9. What percentage of target contracts within your customer agency base are posted to SAM.gov?
    10. Do these agencies use the contract vehicles you have prime positions on?
    11. How much money does your customer spend using Simplified Acquisition Procedures within your target NAICS codes?

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